Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in review

2009 ended in nearly the same fashion as it begun: drunk on the streets on Melbourne. The circumstances have changed a lot since I was counting down for 2009, however. The fact of the matter is that 365 days ago, I was a mere visitor in the city of Melbourne, and today I am living there. The other life changing product of 2009 was the completion of my university studies, and subsequent (yet not yet...) entry into the working world. There were also a bunch of smaller events happen - I shared a flat with 2 lovely ladies and 2 great guys - no problems ever to speak of, and we shared some fantastic times. I had an operation to fix my hearing problem, which worked incredibly well (though I fear I may be starting to wain a bit now, which is slightly worrying). I worked for 3 months as a cleaner in the wee small hours before anyone was awake (or before Sam even went to bed sometimes). I was a note taker for the university - giving something back after using their services the year before. Attended a couple of great birthday, theme, and game parties at the castle on the hill - which we always seemed to sit around and chat until 3 or 4am, which I can honestly say never happens with anyone else - will miss you guys! Hosted a couple of my own parties - my 22nd, one other (though I can't remember what it was), and my leaving party in November. I attended a couple of interesting concerts, shows, and seminars. I read some very good books - and understand why they are "classics". Clare suggested we try run the half-marathon, and we trained for that for a month or six weeks or so before my ankle decided that it had done enough and refused to let me use it for running any more (which was saddening, especially as I was making excellent progress - best time was 5km in 26 minutes). I kept my new years resolution - I didn't eat a single pie for the entirety of 2009 - though I had one merely hours after the fireworks had ceased while waiting at Southern Cross for a train that never seemed to come... I gave away all of my pirated shows and games, and have attempted to start legitimising the entirety of my music and TV show collection.

So in brief:
Number of Days: 365
Number of Diplomas: 2
Number of Airplane trips: 6
Number of Job Interviews: 2
Number of Jobs: 3
Number of Computers: 3
Weight Lost: 14kg
Pies Eaten: 0
Number of Dates: 0
Number of CDs Purchased: 21
Number of Pint Nights Attended: 5
Number of Cricket Matches Attended: 2
Number of Poker Tournaments Cashed in: 13
Regrets: 0

Hope to see you all again soon, and may 2010 bring you all the luck and happiness you seek. Bless.