Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Strange Week

The oddities of this week past has not yet ceased to amaze me. We were entreated to the worst storm Victoria has seen in over 100 years - one of which I felt the full fury of from the safe haven of my workplace. Luckily my shift started when it did (3pm), and not 4pm, as I would have come across this: the reason why Metro trains cancelled so many trains - South Yarra station (one which four train lines go through) was flooded as high as the platforms. So I was sent to work to try and clear the absolutely flooded (and ruined) storerooms in the basement at work - linen was thrown away, those little sachets of tea, coffee, sugar, etc were all ruined, and my shoes (I'm sure) are now much worse for wear. We were treated to thousands of huge hailstones, which (being from NZ), I am alarmed to say I have never seen anything like it. It was not so much hailstones as just chunks of ice being thrown from the skies - some of them were the size of notebooks and 1B5's, but whatever they were, boy did they cause some damage! Seeing vehicles (even now), is rather a saddening thought, as they are now bruised forever - roof, bonnet, boot, windscreens are all dinted, mangled and broken, and millions of dollars of damage was caused - something like 200,000 insurance claims were made (before the start of business on Monday). I must say that it was not like anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. The storm we had in November was powerful, but it had nothing on this. I would hate to think what a hurricane or cyclone would be like! I am still at least even a little inclined to claim that it was a little cyclonic...
Compliments must really be passed onto the SES, who, even with the threat (and arrival) of a storm on Sunday, still had the city drained, the leaf litter cleaned, and the city looking respectable as if it had never happened.

Not much else has been happening really. In constant pursual of another form of employment, with no avail as of yet. I am enjoying my H&R Block course, even though it is so completely foreign to me - so many of these things make so much sense, yet baffle me as to why NZ doesn't have the same idea! What is with pursuing ACC when Medicare seems to be far better!

Saw Alice in Wonderland in 3d today, was good. I enjoyed it - would recommend to anyone who is a fan of 3d movies - though I still hate and despise and want to murder Johnny Depp - what a wanker!

Catch ya next time!