Monday, February 22, 2010

Reporting In

It's been a while since I've reported in, so I better have at it.

Been an eventful couple of months - finally got a job sorted, Houseman at Grand Chancellor Hotel. It's not a difficult job, so it suits me just fine. However, hot days, long pants and long sleeved shirt coupled with the physical nature of the job makes for a very uncomfortable shift. I, do, however work unsupervised so as long as my work gets done I can take as many drinks breaks as I need.

A fortnight ago, my Dad & Stepmum were here visiting, hope they enjoyed it - it was good to finally get some delicious food in my belly ;) - Oh and also have someone to spend some time with. My brother arrived the day before they left, and has settled here - a place in Oakleigh, which he seems to be loving. He tells me he has caught a pet Huntsman, I can just see that going wrong!

Chinese New Year, as per usual, was a spectacular event, with demonstrations all week leading up to it, and a fantastic celebration on the eve of the Year of the Tiger. I have been addicted to a certain Birds of Tokyo CD as of late: Broken Strings Tour, it is incredible, listen to it through at least on a daily basis, if not twice a day. The public transport system here still has a big FAIL stamp hovering over it - the buses and trams which did have Myki have since removed it, and there are talks about removing Zone 2 for trams, with buses likely to follow suit if that happened. Trains are still always late (or non-existant), but luckily none of them have affected my work hours (Touch Wood).

I'm looking forward to the Australia v NZ Cricket series - come on kiwi's, beat those smug aussie bastards and break their "unbeaten season".

Catch ya'll later