Thursday, July 8, 2010

Checking In

Ok, so I'm back from an extended leave of absence... or rather just not that much has happened over the past few months. As it stood, up until a few days ago my finances allowed me to eat, pay rent, and go to work, and that was about it. However, all within a fortnight I have had my hotel hours bumped from 21 a week to 35; and have picked up a second job at H&R Block in Chelsea, which sees me doing a few extra 5 hour shifts a week there as well. So suddenly I have gone from having shitloads of time and no money to having plenty of money, but no time.

With the accepted dramas associated with city living: gunmen running round shutting the city down, a new train timetable which makes my commute to the city lengthier and more painful, and people getting run over, nothing much has happened. The has certainly been no chaotic storms like in March, overheating days like in January, or huge concerts like in November. But I assure you that all of these things will come in due time.

Today is the 9th of July, and I'm still running strong with my personal ban on McDonalds, KFC and BK/Hungry Jacks. Feels good - I think I might never touch them again. I have got over the desire to eat them, the craving for the new burgers they advertise on TV, or the "cheapness" - because in all honesty they're not that cheap as it stands anyway. Between Turkish, Chinese and Indian food, I think I cover the food pyramid quite well.

The nights are getting colder - well colder than they were, still not getting below freezing - the average night has a "slight" frost risk, but nevertheless after fully acclimatising over the summer, I am certainly beginning to feel the cold - as emulated on my visit to Dunedin last month - what a bitter cold that was! But thanks to the people I visited, it was a very action packed 6 days, but definitely worth it! Sorry I couldn't spend more time with each and every one of you.

July is set to be a huge month of concerts, but unfortunately I managed to miss out on all but one of the ones I wanted to go to - damn lack of funds! Looking forward to 30 Seconds though, should be incredible.

Hopefully I will write to you all sooner rather than later!
Ciao for now.

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