Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Weekend in Northern Victoria

Sunday 29 November

Hi guys,
Just got back from Northern Victoria (or Southern NSW - depending on what time it was) spending the weekend with Chris Brady. Was a long trip on Saturday morning - left my place at 8:30am, and arrived in Lilydale just after 11 - then straight on to Chris' parents place in the country right at the top of Victoria. Had a few drinks - I bought some 42 below to the table, Chris bought some home-made Scotch - watched the cricket, played some darts, had some pizza from Tocumwal for dinner, and some more drinks. Chris's friends Michael and James came around, and we played killer darts for about 3 hours (it was really that fun) - to which somehow I managed to win 2/4 games and get 2nd the one of the others. Rained very heavily all night - a few inches of water carpeted the ground when I woke at 8... after spending the night on the couch - rather cramped, but didn't really want to go through the rain to go inside and use an actual bed... Who could be bothered, eh?

Was a great weekend - Chris is a good guy - thanks to my cousin for the introduction - and the stories I heard about her from his friends, was very entertaining.


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